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Eastern Medicine Rejuvenate Clinic
K-Beauty Acupuncture

Anti-aging solution

The secret to a youthful face that defies age is
 Skin elasticity!!!

The key is to manage skin elasticity from the deepest level.



















What is Jeong An Acupuncture?


Jeong An Acupuncture utilizes Eastern medicine acupuncture techniques.

to stimulate meridians, acupoints, and the dermis, promoting the circulation of Qi and blood.

This treatment is designed to reduce wrinkles caused by aging of the fascia

by activating the fascia itself.

The underlying principle is to enhance metabolic processes

by opening the channels of Qi and blood circulation.


Jeong An Acupuncture offers comprehensive care for both the face and the entire body,

aimed at preventing aging and promoting collagen formation.

It also contributes to improving skin elasticity.


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What are the benefits of K-Beauty Acupuncture?

Korean-Beauty Acupuncture treatment does not involve artificial implants or drugs


making it a safe procedure that utilizes oriental acupuncture.

As a non-surgical method, it doesn't disrupt daily life.

K-Beauty Acupuncture enhances the skin's natural regenerative ability,

promoting a more natural beauty.

Additionally, by stimulating facial acupuncture points,

it addresses the internal organs simultaneously, helping to restore imbalanced body harmony.

Acupuncture point stimulation

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< Effects of Jeong An Acupuncture >

Skin elasticity / Anti-aging / Wrinkle improvement / Facial reduction
Collagen / Lymphatic circulation / Clear complexion / Asymmetry improvement



skin elasticity

< Epidermis >
Dryness, fine wrinkles, pigmentation, thinning skin, enlarged pores

< Dermal layer > 
Decreased elasticity, curvature due to wrinkles, and decreased blood circulation.

< Subcutaneous tissue > 
Rough facial lines, loss of volume, decreased flexibility

< Muscle layer > 
​Decreased volume, sagging skin

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