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gold sphere shaped oriental herbal medicine including musk and deer velvet named gongjinda

Gongjindan (拱辰丹)

Gongjindan originated from the medical writings of Wi Yeok-rim, a doctor of the Yuan Dynasty.

Because the prescription offered to the emperor was Gongjindan, it was considered ‘the emperor’s tonic, a gift from God.

It has the nickname ‘Best Medicine’.
Looking at the efficacy of Gongjindan in Heo Jun’s Donguibogam,  “People born with a weak constitution
If you take Gongjindan, your innate vitality will be strengthened and your kidney water will increase.
It is written that “it brings down the heart fire and prevents all kinds of diseases.”
In other words, it boosts vitality and smoothens Qi and blood to prevent disease and maintain a healthy life.
It is the best medicine to do it. 

"To honor your trust, Dahara Wonbang Gongjindan transparently reveals its manufacturing process."


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Wild ginseng Gyeongokgo 


Gyeongokgo (瓊玉膏)


Gyeongok was developed by a doctor named Hong Jun (洪遵) during the Song Dynasty in China, drawing from his experience


and the prescriptions he acquired. Its first recorded appearance is in a compiled work known as Hong’s Collected experiences (洪氏集驗方).


Since then, the therapeutic effect of Gyeongokgo has been so excellent that it appears frequently in later medical books.


It has become higher day by day.   

Among the herbal medicines for healthy longevity in our country's Heo Jun (許浚)'s Donguibogam (東醫寶鑑)

It is the first prescription to appear. 

Gyeongokgo replenishes the essence (精髓) and evens out the true energy (眞氣), thus fulfilling the five organs.

This is a prescription that is made. If worn for more than 3 months, replenish fluid and reduce fever.

Because of this, ‘old people with dry coughs’, ‘people with weak physical strength’, ‘those who lose fluid in the summer’

​It can be said to be the best prescription for ‘people’ and ‘menopausal patients.’

November's Gift

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You can take wild ginseng Gyeongokgo.
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Wild ginseng

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