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San Jose #1 Dahara Detox Diet Clinic

Successfully completed detox diet cases for over 1,000 people in the San Jose area!

Many individuals have found effective detox diet programs that lead to weight loss.

We have witnessed significant improvements in chronic conditions such as

high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, arthritis, allergies, skin diseases, and fatty liver.

Drawing from this valuable experience,

we design personalized programs tailored to each individual's constitution.

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Dahara Detox Diet


Body Composition Analysis

Through Observation, Listening, Asking, Palpitation (望聞問切), 


a diagnostic method of Eastern medicine,

we accurately assess your constitution and body condition.

Body Composition Analysis 

 We utilize Inbody 570 to precisely determine your body composition,

including body fat, abdominal fat, muscle mass, weight, BMI, body balance, and developmental level.


Additionally, we analyze and confirm the results of visceral fat.


Select a Structured Program

Based on your body type, individual constitution, and the results of the body composition analysis,


we tailor a program specifically for you.


Our programs may include detox herbal medicine, herbal physiotherapy, acupoint microwave therapy,


electroacupuncture, ear acupuncture, meridian therapy, Tui-na therapy, and more.

Diet Prescript​ion​

We provide a balanced and diverse diet plan customized to your individual constitution and selected program.

Exercise Prescription

Exercise recommendations are based on your individual constitution and chosen program.


Dahara’s Unique Know-How!

​Sustainable Aftercare for Non-YoYo

Body Shaping Slimming Care

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