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Herbal Medicine

What are the benefits of herbal medicine?

Acupuncturists are the only licensed health care professionals in California who are required to be trained and tested for competency in prescribing herbal medicine. Chinese herbal medicine has been practiced safely and effectively for centuries and has the greatest potential for beneficial results when prescribed by a trained professional who recognizes both the benefits and risk.


In recent years, herbs have become very popular to self-treat many conditions. They are available in health food stores, supermarkets, and on the Internet. While herbs are promoted as safe, gentle, inexpensive, “natural” alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, many health care professionals have concerns about safety, effectiveness, and potential misuse of herbal products, especially when self-prescribed. There are also questions of purity, strength, and standardization of herbs.

Traditional Chinese Herbs are very different from the western scientific approach we are accustomed to. Chinese health experts promote a healthful balance of yin and yang – two forces present in all of nature. When yin or yang forces or qi/energy levels are off-balance in the body and spirit, health problems arise. Chinese herbs and herbal remedies are used to help realign an individual’s yin or yang balance in order to improve overall well-being. Chinese herbal formulas include hundreds of popular organic ingredients that work in harmony to produce the desired effects in a person’s body. These ingredients are primarily of plant origin, and may include roots, bark, seeds, flowers and leaves. Each organic ingredient typically has unique characteristics (i.e. yin/yang balancing, qi/energy boosting, etc.) that are reinforced and harmonized in comprehensive ancient Chinese herbal formulas that have been passed down through the years.

Chinese Herbal Medicine combines a deep knowledge of human physiology with the most extensive pharmacopoeia of organic herbs and natural substances in the world. Herbal formulas are carefully prepared from plant parts including branches, leaves, flowers, seeds, or vegetables. These herbal preparations come in the form of medicinal teas, powders, pills, and tonics.

Herbal combinations are tailored for each patient's condition and lifestyle and are designed to treat specific health problems or correct specific imbalances in the body. Natural herbs tend to have slower and more gentle effects than the synthesized chemicals used in prescription or over-the-counter drugs, and have none of the negative side effects associated with such concoctions. As is every therapeutic modality used at our clinic, herbal treatments are both safe and effective.

Because the effects of some herbal formulas can be influenced by diet, patients should discuss with our oriental medicine doctor the possible consequences of consuming the following: shellfish (prawns, shrimps, lobsters, crabs, etc.), icy or cold beverages and food, caffeine, hot and spicy food, ginseng, and radishes. As always, women should inform our oriental medicine doctor if they are pregnant or menstruating.

Dahara's treatments are based on oriental medicine and western medicine, and all herbal medicines we produce are accurate and safe herbal medicine based on 'Donguibogam', the Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine


About Donguibogam


“An encyclopaedia of medical knowledge and treatment techniques compiled in Korea in 1613 and edited by Heo Jun with the collective support of medical experts and literati according to royal instruction.” UNESCO World of Memory List. Year of inscription: 2009.


Benefits of Emperor Premium Golden Ball


Treating low energy and chronic fatigue

Eliminating physical exhaustion

Treating hypotension (low blood pressure)

Increasing energy following any surgery

Regulating menstrual cycles (amenorrhea)

Eliminating physical exhaustion

Strengthening muscles and bones

Improving Qi (energy) and blood

Boosting up the immune system

Harmonizing internal organs

Preventing various diseases

Warming up the body

Enhancing memory and concentration

* Note that benefits and results may vary by person.




Those who are pregnant or have high blood pressure should not use this treatment.

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